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Pathfinder in Ceramic Technology

Ceramic Technology

Ranji Vaidyanathan
Director, New Product Development Center(NPDC) at Oklahoma State University

Currently working at
Herrington Professor in Advanced Materials, Director, New Product Development Center at
Helmerich Research Center, Oklahoma State University


  • Director, Polymer Composite Materials at Advanced Ceramics Research
  • Senior Scientist at MER Corporation
  • Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University
  • Undergraduate student at Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu  University Read More…

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Rheology and rheometry

What is rheometry ?
Rheometry is derived , as well as rheology of the Greek word Rheos = from flowing . Rheology is thus the science of rheometry with flow while measuring the flow properties of materials employed. Under the continuous flow is initially deformation of a material under the influence of external forces to understand the response of the material is the subject of rheology and rheometry . Read More…

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