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Pottery and Ceramics

We have all experienced, at some point in our lives, the possibility of being able to shape the clay. We retain in our memory, the first experiences in performing such primitive techniques such as ball or roller. Read More…

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Polish ceramics pottery

There are examples of ceramics decorated with blue and brown very characteristic of this region, created in Boleslawiec centuries. These individuals are highly valued in the world. They are a beautiful combination of traditional forms and decorations made by hand, while, at the same time very practical and best quality. Read More…

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Tracy Andrews

Artist’s Statement
I was born in Houston County, Ga in April 12, 1968. I believe that I inherited my love and talent for art from my mother to whom I am eternally grateful.

I began drawing and painitng at an early age often by doing my teachers and classmates before doing my homework. In high school I developed an appreciation for the works by Picasso, Michaelangelo and Dali. Their works inspired me to use my imagination and let the spirit flow from my mind through my soul into energy through my fingers on to canvas for my creations.



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