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Hand-Thrown, Hand-sculpture, Lesal Tableware

Oversize & Hand-Thrown:
The largest pieces in the collection are elegant platters and vases that can vary in size from 26-inches to 3-feet. Featuring vivid hand-painted irises in rich shades of purple, these majestic objects are made of glazed earthenware. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind object of art that matches your home decor, while using it to perform the function for which it was designed.


Outstanding three-dimensional hand-sculpted flowers, fruit, and vegetables adorn these hand-cast ceramic shapes, making them rare and remarkable works of art. The artist’s skill is in transforming actual true-to-life flowers and fruit into a sculptured shape with life-like form and depth. They look so real, you want to touch them.

Lesal Tableware :

A diversity of serving pieces in a myriad of patterns and styles to enhance your table settings, whether hosting an intimate, romantic dinner-for-two or catering a buffet for dozens of guests. Imagine fresh-cut flowers in the heart shaped vase, your favorite snack in the whimsical, individually painted chip-dip bowl, the Christmas box on your holiday table, or lemonade being poured from this magnificently designed water pitcher.

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