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Ceramics Engineering in Taiwan

1Ceramic engineering technology solves many problems, mechanical, electrical and electronics, and has applications in fields like the automotive, manufacturing and the telecommunications industry.

Titoma offers solutions based on the manufacture of ceramic molds and precision machining, mass production chain and development of ceramic technology.

Some of the materials we work with are: alumina, aluminum oxide (AlO2), zirconium oxide (ZrO2), boric nitrate (CBN), cordierite (magnesium aluminum silicate), steatite (magnesium silicate), nitrate boric , nitrate, silica, titanium oxide, ceramic metal composite (cermet), SUS630 and magnesium.

Using these and other ceramic materials can create high performance products at reasonable prices as ceramic insulators, tools, machinery, ceramic scissors, precision cutting tools, etc..

These ceramic materials can be produced using a wide range of manufacturing methods including injection molding, isocratic pressing and sedimentation.

Traditionally technology ceramics and their manufacture was concentrated in expensive places like Japan, Europe, UK, USA and South Korea. Now this technology is also in Asian countries. Taiwan and China now offer services in ceramic technology.

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