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Worldwide Ceramics Research Group

Department of Chemistry of Materials, formerly known as the Institute of Polymer Technology and Materials has roots dating back nearly 40 years and during that time we have contributed to the development and application of knowledge in science and engineering materials through teaching, scholarship and research. Our philosophy is based on the technical implementation and use of materials that, once processed, are altered in the structure and properties. This includes design considerations and business impact.

In the case of our research, we cover the whole range of materials including polymers, metals, ceramics and their composites. Most of our faculty have international reputations and all have a significant investment in research. They also have extensive networks of collaboration with other researchers in the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide. In a sense we are talking about the interplay between structure, morphology and properties of materials processing and product performance. individual research programs related to research and teamwork, often interdisciplinary, considered of paramount importance in achieving the work of the highest quality. From a knowledge of current and future needs of the broad spectrum of industries depend on knowledge of materials science and technology affect significantly our research.

Our current annual turnover research budget of over £ 2,500,000, the sources include research councils, government, EU and industry in both the UK and worldwide. At some point we have about 20 research associates and over 50 graduate students. Some of the latter is based in industry, which highlights our close and frequent contact with the manufacturing industry. Our work is supported by excellent facilities and technical and administrative support extended to the synthesis of materials for processing and characterization, this one from Loughborough Materials Characterization Center, which houses the state of the art World class facilities and provide service to the industry.

Professor Jon Binner: Coordinator

Members: Mr. Xujin Bao, Dr. B. Vaidhyanathan

Ceramics Research Group, founded in 1998, is involved in a variety of collaborative projects with academic institutions and industry, both within Britain and abroad. The center of activity is the production of both scientific knowledge and technologies needed for development of processing lines that have technical advantages and / or economically with the existing processes and provide new or improved ceramic materials developed, including nano-structured ceramics, glass and ceramic matrix composites.

The group has access to a range of facilities to support research. Besides the computer equipment and specialized ceramic installed in laboratories dedicated’, there is a wide range of materials characterization equipment within the department, including SEM, TEM, STEM, micro analysis, EPMA, SIMS, XPS, XRD and thermal characterization used to support the work. We also have the powder on the state of the art and techniques of fluid characterization.

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