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Artistic Ceramics Workshop

Sculpture and ceramics studio Ares Nova was established in 1975 in Bielsko around the old town. We are designing and creating unique items of pottery and glass fusing techniques which are characterized by uniqueness of form and present a high artistic level. We trinkets. We offer our customers design and production of ceramics and glass made to order. We are also the artistic decoration of the porcelain.

Since 1991, we Artistic Ceramics Workshop for children, adolescents and adults, and vocational courses and the Organization of Artistic Ceramics Studio. We also organize workshops and courses in fusing the transformation and decoration of glass. We are characterized by creative passion and continuous development.

We sell materials and tools for ceramics and fusing for the centers, treatment centers and professionals and amateur ceramic or fusingiem.

Ares Nova Workshop offers cooperation in the organization of the lab, technological advice and the preparation of the author’s program for those interested in expanding their activities in the conduct of workshops, fusing, or ceramics.

Artistic Ceramics Workshop in our laboratory has been made since 1991. The course program aims to familiarize participants with artistic ceramics and the formation of his skill in this art form. Activities are carried out according to the original curriculum developed by the Ares Nova studios on the basis of long experience. Workshops are conducted by artists – teachers with extensive experience.

Workshops form the technical capabilities and skills by means of art, stimulate imagination and creativity. Themes allow you to express their own creative personality. We provide the use of a well-equipped studio allows for extensive experimentation.

Workshops are aimed at children, adolescents and adults. Classes are held in group’s osmioosobowych, once a week, two-hour clock. The work done in the classroom is the property of the author. Laboratory regularly organizes competitions and exhibitions of ceramic work for those participating in the workshop.

We also organize workshops for organized groups of 12 students. These are 45 minute classes, 1 – or 2 hour – hour, in which the program is to familiarize you with studio and gallery, cognition and execution of plastic ceramic object.

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