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Pottery and Ceramics

We have all experienced, at some point in our lives, the possibility of being able to shape the clay. We retain in our memory, the first experiences in performing such primitive techniques such as ball or roller.

Like our ancestors, who for more than 10,000 years, made parts for utility use, these experiences seem to have a place in our genes …
Due to the aesthetic sense, the works have won beauty and rigor in the decoration. One can not speak, these early creations on the subject of art. That is, with all the human and spiritual force that an object may contain (and this perspective is in the eye of whom see), we can, yes, talking in a religious sense of worship or that it will take strong action in rituals and religious ceremonies later .

Yet it is inevitable to recall the clay-stained hands, the smell “sue generis, the work sometimes crudely conceived, gesture, imagination. It is something that accompanied us on our collective individuality.

The discovery of pottery techniques, forms of conduct with their hands to heaven and hell, life and death, a flower or a human figure, is now so ubiquitous as in millennia past.

Pottery is a living art of difficult techniques, experimentation and risk the adventure. It is a passion full of mysteries and constant discoveries. A maze that leads to the inevitable fire.

The art of pottery in my opinion has two states indis-sociable (?). Thought while modeling, which is the most direct result of our action, drying and cooking; are the result of the passage to life, through the fire. The decoration works in ceramic body as a rich robe, sometimes florid, landscape, human or allegorical motifs. For nearly 10 years, I discovered ceramics and she felt an inevitable passion, I can guarantee that forever changed my vision to see and feel the world. Feel every gesture, every shape, transparency, texture, color, approached me more alchemy of men.

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