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Art site to expose your garden decorations

Selling homemade decorations to decorate a garden is the current trend. Sundial rattan furniture, flower pot, planter, cache pots, fountains outdoor, the choice is vast to enhance a garden and so give it a unique look. To all professional and amateur artists, create and sell and just expose your garden decorations 1001artists, a site dedicated to you!
Newly arrived on the market for crafts, artists arrived in 1001 on the front of the stage to assist the craftspeople who want to sell their works. A site clean and convenient for those who want to sell crafts on the web. Small designers wanting to try to sell some of your decorations for the garden art, or artists who specialize in the creation of lawn ornaments. This site will show your art and facilitate the steps necessary to sell your garden ornaments.

vendre_jardin_decorations_9b9Buyer’s enthusiasts can finally enjoy what they needed so much; buy garden ornaments from the craft without leaving their homes.In category garden decoration “, 1001 artists offers several subcategories, including: exterior fountains, sundials, garden furniture and” other “for all creations and decorations to magnify the garden of all.1001 artists takes no commission on sales, it will cost you one euro per work per year to display and sell your art decorations for the garden, and thus to discover the art in all regions of France.

An affiliate link to each artist, alongside works of art for sale, so that potential buyers can go directly in contact with you.So you can provide further information about your work of art for the garden, your garden decorations describe in more detail to your clients or share your passion for garden enthusiasts with buyers. More hesitation, just subscribe to 1001 artists, art site growing! Let the world discover your unique decorations and original art for the garden.

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