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Festivals and cultural events

Immerse yourself in the bustle of “mature”, Japanese festivals! It will be drawn into the mouth of the party even before you know it!
Exciting, elegant, great … In every corner of Japan, communities celebrate their own festivals and events to celebrate the passage from one season to another. There may be almost every day a festival, a “mature”, somewhere in Japan. Many of them have their origin in Shinto and Buddhism, but other events such as the Snow Festival and fireworks, are wonderfully organized for both local residents and passengers passing through.

Festivals and cultural

Since ancient times, the Japanese have seen in many aspects of nature and sacred spiritual powers, who revere as gods, “kaki.” This belief in the incarnation of the divine in everything around us is the origin of Shinto’s. The “mature”, has its roots in Shinto, are held to worship the gods and communicate with them, praying for a bountiful harvest and commercial prosperity, or praying for the community and its individual members have a prosperous and happy year. Each of the four seasons brings to Japan for his round of “mature” of colorful festivals and events.

Only goes to the heart of Japan discovered its festivals. Only those who have already participated in a Japanese festival can imagine the glare and excitement that pervades them. Check your calendars now and do not hesitate: go!

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