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The long history of Japan, which we have left many traces, and major works of art, are detailed and displayed in numerous museums. It is indisputable that the archaeological finds and works of fine art and crafts represent a microcosm of the essence of Japanese spirit that pervades the country and its people.

Muse National de Tokyo
Possibly the most beautiful museums in Japan are national museums, the oldest, opened in 1871, is the Tokyo National Museum, located in Ueno Park. His considerable permanent collection provides an overview of the history of traditional Japanese art, but also offers historical and scientific exhibits.

The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, presented chronologically contemporary masterpieces of Japan.

Kyoto National Museum was originally founded for paintings, sculptures and other treasures of the temples nearby. It currently contains examples of Japanese art of each period in its history.

Nara National Museum is particularly known for its collection of Buddhist sculptures.

Musee-03_mediumIn Tokyo there is a large number of museums, private and public, which conserves valuable pieces of traditional Japanese art. To name a few, Goto Art Museum has among its collection, the magnificent “Tale of Genji,” a scroll painted considered a national treasure, the Institute of Fine Arts, Nezu is devoted to a collection of parts used for the ceremony tea and Buddhist art, the collection also features beautiful pieces Hatakeyama for the tea ceremony. These three museums also have a Japanese garden, allowing visitors to enjoy beautiful works in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Among the museums that are worth visiting Demits Art Museum with a collection of calligraphy, paintings and ceramics from Japan and China, and the Sentry Museum of Art, with works of art that represent the traditional way of life, the Museum of Art Yamatane, specializing in modern and contemporary Japanese painting, the Crafts Museum in Japan, specializing in fine crafts, ceramics and textiles for daily use, and finally, the Museum of Art Kayo-e Ota Memorial, specializing in prints Kayo -e.

Muse Edo-Tokyo
In addition to traditional arts, there are other types of museums very characteristic. The Edo-Tokyo Museum presents the history and lifestyles of Tokyo through large-scale models. Tokyo Teen Museum is an Art Deco building built in 1933 and displays various collections on loan from other museums or collectors.

Muse National dart Modern
In the field of contemporary art, Japan has recently showing the world a very peculiar creativity. The museums of contemporary art from Japan are of great interest to visitors interested in the lifestyles, the currents of thought or the most advanced media in the country. One of the largest in Japan, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Tokyo presents a full range of the masterpieces of contemporary art from Japan and abroad. Art Gallery Tokyo Opera City is often the first to launch the exhibition of new concepts in contemporary art. Hara Museum of Contemporary Art located in the district of Shinagawa, Tokyo, is an elegant Bauhaus style, which has a wide variety of contemporary pieces. In Ibaraki prefecture, north of Tokyo, the Centre for Contemporary Art at the Art Tower Mito is famous for its unique way to present contemporary art. Two Inland Sea islands are for contemporary art projects. This is the island of Nashua, with the Bemuse Art Site Nashua and the Inupiaq with Inupiaq Art Project.

The Tokugawa Art Museum Nagoya specializes in theatrical costumes No, and swords, armor and other relics of the samurai.

Muse Heritage due Hokkaido
The Museum of Hokkaido Heritage Art is located in the Shizuoka Prefecture. His collection focuses on the work of Tarawa Heritage, one of the greatest painters of Kayo-e prints, brings together more than 1,200 woodcuts.

As for traditional arts in Kansai, Fujita Museum of Art in Osaka, is famous for its extensive collection of antique art. It should be noted, however, is open only in spring and autumn. Also well known is the Municipal Museum of Oriental Ceramics in Osaka, especially for their valuable ancient pottery from China and Korea, and the Municipal Museum of Art in Osaka that has a large collection of ancient works of art from China and Japan. The Museum of Art in Kyoto Yamasaki Villa is a stunning villa which exhibits masterpieces of ceramics in a quiet and refined atmosphere. The Sentry Museum in Osaka Tempo an organizes thematic exhibitions focusing on posters.

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