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Ceramics: Playing with fire

The elemental power of fire gives us: the heat – life sustaining. The light – protecting life. The force – figures. The wildfire, the old out of the way grants to create something new. The fire in our people, as well as passion and drive. So far, so good. It is clear that art that works with this item and it combines with other elements of earth, water, light and air something special must be.

Fire of Life.

The ceramicCeramics Playing with fire artist living in Corinthian Gerhard Shackler-Nagy claimed that “the ceramic fire of life – for themselves.” For him and with him she has developed as a human being and art creators. At the very beginning with a sound education that enables her to this day, just go with a lot of know-how to these limits of experience. Still to go a bit further, even to venture a bit more in the shape and color of their fragile and yet so strong ceramic structure.


In the metamorphosis Shackler also sees their personal path. At the beginning of her artistic career was the attempt to control the fire. So they developed in house a large number of furnaces for different applications. In labor talks and seminars, they were on their knowledge and set out again, finally free to look out for new shores. She found the act of creation, the design of forms with “Earth,” as she calls her affectionately plant material. Your self materializes in tone, a very sense – and body-work.

Take a breath

A situation that forces them also, after the successful large-scale projects “ants go line by line” and “pomegranate” to become “empty” to draw breath and to escape from what’s happening all around. By the element fire, which she has tamed her energy developed through to the fire of life, vitality, particularly the revitalization of positive emotions of children with problems. In collaboration with the University of Freeburg, the art object artist devoted the last few years, the Gestalt work – while it tries to avoid the word, she sees herself as a companion.

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